Chiron Energy Healing
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Chiron Therapy

Chiron Healing® addresses all matter as an expression of the Energy that surrounds and permeates all physical matter; referred to as Etheric energy or the Aura. … The specific yet subtle, non-invasive techniques alleviate ‘dis-at-easements’ by clearing, repairing and strengthening the etheric pattern.

Chiron Therapy Overview

The Chiron Healing® of today, had its beginnings in Warrnambool, Australia where a group of health professionals began meeting in the late 1970s to listen and learn from the gifted psychic channel, Jan Thomas (formerly Trenorden). During channelling sessions to bring through the Master Chiron, Jan imparted information about the human energy field and its influence on increasing vitality and wellness within the human body. During the ensuing years, as the vital techniques and philosophies of Master Chiron were collated, so too valuable insights into the workings of the human body in health and disease became evident. Clearly this was a method of energy healing that needed to be shared with the world. Today Chiron Healing® is found throughout Australia and Overseas.

Chiron Healing® answers the growing call for a compassionate means of healing in today’s stress laden world with a gentle, effective method of restoring balance to the subtle energy systems of the body.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Why Choose Chiron Therapy

CHIRON THERAPY comes to meet two profound human needs:

1) the will to get to know ourself.
2) And the will to evolve.

Its basic aim is to free human soul from two heavy burdens: Ignorance and Oblivion.
Oblivion about who we really are, and ignorance about how we can fulfill our potential, express our talents and restore a sense of sacredness in our everyday life.

Why Choose Arwen Healing ?

Our Approach

Chiron Therapy is addressed to those who know that they don’t know the truth, and to
those who want to overcome the double ignorance (double ignorance: I don’t know that I don’t know the truth)