Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a massage technique that’s mainly used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries.

Deep Tissue Massage Overview

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage in that it focuses on setting a rhythm and using flowing strokes to apply pressure to muscles throughout the whole body. The main difference between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage is that deep tissue massage uses more pressure to push deeper into the muscle. This added pressure can be a little uncomfortable for some but is often described as a “good pain” by fans of the technique. This added edge enhances the therapeutic benefits of the massage, reduces tension throughout the body and helps patients recover from exercise and injuries. The overall effect of the deep tissue massage is a relaxing, whole-body treatment.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

Will A Deep Tissue Massage Hurt? It shouldn’t hurt, but it’s likely to be a bit more uncomfortable than a classic Swedish massage. You should always feel free to speak up if the pressure is too much for you. It’s important to drink a lot of water after a deep tissue massage to help flush lactic acid out of the tissues.

Why Choose Arwen Healing ?

Our Approach

Deep tissue massage is best for people who want a whole-body experience and the therapeutic benefit of firm pressure. It is a strong and relaxing massage that helps release muscle tension and enhance recovery from physical exercise.